bolencki13's repo

This is the personal repo for Brian Olencki (bolencki13). Packages downloaded from here are done so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage, mishaps, or shenanigans that happen because of it. Most of the packages on here are stable enough for a beta release.

Cingo ~ (0.0.8-1)

A replacement AppSwitcher

Traverse ~ (1.2.0-280+debug)

Create custom 3D actions for apps

libTraverse ~ (1.0.0)

Developer library for Traverse

MiniTimer ~ (1.1.0-1)

Clock App views above all

Point-And-Shoot ~ (1.0.1-2)

Replace the camera shortcut

PokeGo ~ (0.0.1-38+debug)

An awesome MobileSubstrate tweak!

libPokemonGo ~ (0.0.1-2+debug)

An awesome library of some sort!!

Traverse (Fix) ~ (0.0.1-2)

An awesome MobileSubstrate tweak!

TapTapFolder ~ (0.3.4-1)

Double tap action for folders

MusicButton ~ (1.1.4-beta-1-4)

Music controls at your finger tips!